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One of the most difficult and time consuming things in college is to collect notes and study material right before exams. The WhatsApp groups are flooded with Google Drive links and utter random PDF’s of notes. If you are in college or have attended one, you must have witnessed the heavy crowd at photocopy shops and what not!

A student spends close to Rs. 3400 per semester just to get the study material, where majority of the time the student is paying for photocopied notes and second-hand books.

What if you had a central repository where all your notes, practical files. previous year question papers, eBooks and supplementary study material is stored? Neither you, nor your juniors (if you are in 2nd year or up) have to face the same struggle and shell out Rs. 3400.

With the pandemic taking over the world, the way examinations are conducted and the way we’ll study will drastically change in the coming months. Everything will be digital and will be conducted online.

What is NotesHub?

NotesHub is a study material sharing platform. It’s free. A platform where students can upload study material and share it with others pursuing the same course. Students can download study material for FREE as well!

Why use NotesHub?

A couple of weeks before exams, everyone is just running to collect the study material. Be it notes scanned via Cam Scanner from a friend’s notebook or buying sample question papers with answers. Asking for Google Drive links and getting 100s of PDFs forwarded on WhatsApp – this is how we all study, at-least try to!

But what if you, your friends and students studying pursuing the same course from your university (but different college) come together to create a central repository of notes, study material, sample papers, last year question papers and practical files.

This is exactly what NotesHub will allow you to do. No more asking. No more last minute runs to the market/book shops/photocopy shops. No more scrolling infinitely on your WhatsApp feed to get that 1 PDF that was shared 2 weeks back.

Notes on Operating System contributed by students, for the students

Study material is organized in such a way that it can be easily accessible. The material is classified as:

  1. Notes
  2. Question Papers
  3. Practical Files
  4. eBooks

This helps to spend more time studying and less time collecting study material. This makes life much easier!

What else NotesHub is capable off?

NotesHub has been under development from last 3 years and is being improving iteratively. Therefore a product like NotesHub is quite mature and is being improved everyday! Some of the features NotesHub has:


NotesHub’s Dashboard

The dashboard is the place where you’ll save all your subjects for the current semester. This way, not only this will become the go-to place for all your study-material, but will be regularly updated with the Latest Updates.

Every time a new study material is uploaded for one of your saved subjects, you’ll be intimated via email.


Contribute study material

Contributing or uploading study material is as simple as filling a form. But to maintain the quality of the platform, the uploaded study material goes to the NotesHub admin team for verification. Once approved, the study material will be visible on the platform. You’ll be intimated via e-mail of your upload. If rejected, even then you’ll receive a rejection email for your upload!

But if you are too lazy to check email and honestly most of us are, you can easily check the status of your uploads in the My Uploads section.

My Uploads

You can even keep a track of total number of downloads on all your contributions.


Bookmarking study material

Bookmarking important study material is always a good thing to have because it is a task to go through all the material again and pin-point the exact material.

Search and Study for FREE

Clicking on any card will open the PDF

You can access everything for free. All we want is you to focus on study!

Multiple Universities and Multiple Courses

Currently NotesHub is actively supporting 1 university i.e Guru Gobind Singh Indraprastha University or also known as IP University. The platform is well configured for 4 courses:

  1. Bachelor of Technology (B.Tech/BE)
  2. Bachelor of Business Administration (BBA)
  3. Bachelor of Computer Application (BCA)
  4. Master of Business Administration (MBA)

So, in other words, students pursuing any of these 4 courses can use the platform to share study material.

You can configure the dashboard according to your course:

We are just a platform…

We do not provide study material by ourselves or sell anything. We are a platform where you can share study material and get free access to unlimited study material uploaded by other students.

So, if you and your friends/college/university decide to use the power of this platform and form a community to share study material and help each other, everyone of us can save a ton of cash, time, money and energy!

If we start using NotesHub as a study material sharing platform, we’ll have all the material stored at one place, for everyone to use, forever, free!!

What next?

If you are a student or a professor at a college, please visit and play around. Experience how easy it can be to share study material, and the comfort + convenience of having all study material at one place.

If you are pursuing any course in IP University (any course) and want to help spread the word or work with us, please reach out to us at

If you like the idea of having a shared central repository containing all the study material and want NotesHub to support your university/college/course, reach out to us at

For teachers and faculty at colleges/universities…

Tired of getting messages from students to share study material/notes? Then NotesHub is for you!

If you want to share notes with the students of the entire university/college in one-go, then please use NotesHub to share your study material.

Still have questions?
Feel free to reach out to us at

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