Pick colors: LIKE A BOSS

Disclaimer: Windows only

As a front-end developer, one of the most important work is to get the design right. Now there are times when the client is a bit low on budget and cannot provide a professionally designed app with colors-scheme and shit!

There are times when you are asked to do a hot-fix for a production ready app wherein you just have to match the color according to the design.

So, whenever I am developing on Windows, and there is a need to pick colors from an image, browser, website, practically ANYTHING, my go-to tool is: COLORCOP

Picking color from the Winamp logo
Picking Purple color from the Broswer – RegEx text

With Colorcop, you can pick colors off any surface, literally ANY SURFACE. As you can see in the image above, we are picking colors off of an icon – a fucking icon! Now, how cool is this shit!

In an alternate universe…

For MacOS or Linux users, stick to Chrome/Firefox extensions like ColorZilla. But obviously, just Google ColorCop alternatives for MacOS or Linux and if you do stumble on anything concrete, ping me here!

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